Work on your downward dog surrounded by cats.

Cat ladies of Dubai, clear your diary for the evening of Tuesday, August 14 immediately.

Why? Because Ailuromania Cat Cafe in Jumeirah is hosting a yoga class. That’s right – yoga, and cats. Could there be a more soothing combination? We think not.

The cat yoga session – the first ever in Dubai – will take place at 7.30pm, led by Anamaria from Yoga & Counseling. The ladies-only class will cost Dhs30, and participants are asked to bring their own mats.

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The cafe shared some photos of what you can expect on its Instagram Stories. How’s the serenity?

Where do you sign up? Simply message Ailuromania Cat Cafe on Facebook or Instagram (you might want to get in quick, as we can imagine this will be very popular).


Ailuromania Cat Cafe, 844 Jumeirah Road, Tuesday August 14, 7.30pm. Dhs30. @AiluromaniaCafe

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Images: Instagram