IN PARTNERSHIP: Dr. Mouzayan Ginzarly reveals exactly how Aviv Clinics Dubai’s transformative treatment is scientifically proven to reverse the ageing process.

In an empowered society, women play a pivotal role. They are the decision-makers and catalysts for change we see from the bedroom through to our highest champers of power around the world.

On a daily basis, they are at the forefront of all business sectors and inspiring others to develop the tools they need to have power and control over their own lives. One thing we thought we would never be able to take control of is the ageing process. Whether physically or mentally, we had resigned ourselves as a society to the fact we hit a certain age and then nature starts taking over, reducing our ability to move well, generate energy efficiently, decrease physical strength, and increasing the time of the recovery process. From a mental perspective, we see our brainpower dulled. Focus and attention can be diminished, as can the ability to recall information, and capacity for learning. In the modern day with competition so high, even the slightest degradation in our overall function puts us at a disadvantage. We have worked too hard for too long, to simply allow the ageing process to break the foundations laid previously.

So what is the solution?

While getting older is inevitable, we no longer have to sit by and simply accept it. We now have a medical treatment that has been proven to reverse biological ageing, restoring youthful vitality. Backed by over 15 years of research, Aviv’s Medical Programme improves cognitive and physical functions through sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy alongside other regimes to enhance performance. This can improve general day-to-day health and well-being and also start to restore that brain function which is so important in modern working and social environments.

For women, the ageing process reaches another level when menopause starts during their mid-40s to 50s, which results in hormonal changes in the body. There are also some other symptoms women may face as part of the general ageing process such as joint pain, cognitive and behavioural changes, and diminished memory and concentration, but studies have not been able to fully prove their association with menopause.

Aviv Clinics Oxygen room

At a time when the body is generally starting to slow down, Aviv’s medical programme is aimed at reversing the effects of ageing for both men and women.

At Aviv Clinics Dubai, the cutting-edge medical centre, and the first of its kind in the Middle East, Aviv’s medical staff including physicians, neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, and nurses, conduct comprehensive medical, physiological, and mental testing. These in-depth medical assessments involve the most advanced metabolic and functional brain imaging tests suited to a patient’s needs, including MRI and SPECT and analyse the novel ageing biomarkers in the patient’s blood, such as telomere length.

Based on the results of the assessments, the medical team at Aviv Clinics Dubai develops a tailored treatment plan which is personalised, holistic, and intensive ad- dressing the unique individual needs of the client – with the very best chance of achieving optimal results. This includes cognitive and physical training, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) sessions where clients breathe 100% pure oxygen in specialized hyperbaric chambers, and a nutritional regime to maximize the body’s healing and regenerative process.

This is the only medical treatment proven to restore, reset and retain youthful vitality which involves fluctuating oxygen levels at a certain interval to increase the levels of oxygen in blood tissue and activate the body’s self-regeneration processes. During this process we see the body react in incredible ways, restoring our regenerating abilities comparable to the levels we see in childhood. As well as the physical healing process we see, it was also discovered the treatment allows the mind to work on a much deeper level. We then developed our cognitive training pro- gramme, which is specifically designed for those undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Used in combination with HBOT, it improves memory, focus, processing speed, attention, executive function, and more.

Aviv’s specialized 7,000-square-metre clinic can be found in the heart of JLT and was founded on the idea that we no longer have to accept that our mental and physical abilities will decline as we mature. Rather, we need to look at ageing and the associated decline in mental and physical performance as a disease that can be treated.

Aviv is transforming the way people age, and the impact this can have on all of us, but for women especially it can be life-changing.

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