“I already scheduled my spa shower!”

With tickets going for upwards of Dhs95,000, few of us are likely to see the inside of Emirates Airline’s first class cabins in the flesh.

(Although, hands up if you longingly look at the top-class perks while booking the cheapest economy seat you can find? Yeah, us too).

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And even if you’re a Hollywood star, the carrier’s onboard shower is still almost too good to believe, as one celebrity family recently discovered.

True Detective actor Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Brazilian model Camila Alves, hopped on a ride with the Dubai-based airline this week.

And Alves couldn’t get over the facilities:

The couple were snapped departing from a Los Angeles airport on Tuesday, along with their three children.

It’s not known if the family are visiting the UAE or merely transiting through Dubai en route to another destination (but we’ll keep you updated if the former is true).

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The Oscar-winning actor was last in the emirate in 2016, jetting in to attend the Global Teacher Prize.

But wherever the family are now headed, Alves said on Instagram the flight was a “vacation” in itself, adding “I already scheduled my spa shower”.

The 35-year-old also shared an image of the bathroom, with its full-size shower, sink, lit-up mirror and toiletries rack.

The cost of a seat in first class doesn’t come cheap, however – a one-way flight between LAX and DXB next month clocks in at US$26,000, according to the Emirates website.

Guess we’ll just be dreaming about a shower at 36,000 feet for now…

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Image: Camila Alves/Instagram