With sustainability being a big priority for everyone nowadays, recycling has never been more important.

However, when it comes to the UAE, finding where to recycle your waste sometimes proves to be a challenge.

But we’ve found a free-of-charge app which is game-changing for recycling.

RECAPP App, which is available in both the App store and Google Play, is the first free mobile app in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for on-demand door-to-door recyclables collection services.

The service is available in the entire city of Abu Dhabi and in certain areas of Dubai. You can ensure that pick-up is available from your home address by downloading the app and registering.


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The initiative aims to support local communities as they strive to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle by providing the opportunity for individuals, businesses, and government entities to exchange recyclable and reusable material through an online platform. By donating your recycling to RECAPP, you will contribute to reducing the waste that ends in landfills.

With the service, you can recycle all transparent plastic bottles (think water bottles), all opaque plastic bottles (think detergent and skincare bottles), and all-metal cans. While for now, they focus on plastic bottles and metal cans, they plan to gradually extend their service to cover other recyclables.

Using the service is as simple as:

  1. Separate your recyclables from general waste
  2. Ensure your recyclables are empty and clean
  3. Download RECAPP and create your account
  4. Schedule a pick-up time.

If contributing to sustainability isn’t enough to convince you to use RECAPP, they even offer a rewards program for recycling. You can collect more points the more you recycle and the points can be redeemed into gifts offered by their partners.

So, will you be downloading it?

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