Worth the 10-hour flight? We’d say so.

Monday night in Shanghai saw the Victoria’s Secret runway show. Think diamonds, supermodels and Harry Styles – it was an extremely A-list affair, and we’re well jealous of anyone who got to head along.

Two names on the guest list you might recognise (aside from say, Stella Maxwell, Adriana Lima and Karlie Kloss) are Karen Wazen and Ola Farahat.

Zuhair Murad made these Victoria’s Secret models look truly angelic
Our favourite backstage snaps from the Victoria’s Secret fashion show

The pair of Dubai-based fashion bloggers will be familiar to anyone with a well-curated Instagram feed, where they’re both often found serving up capital-L Looks. Want to know how to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses? Wazen’s your girl. Need tips on styling a pencil skirt? Look no further than Farahat’s page.

They’re big names in terms of style around here, so it makes sense that Victoria’s Secret flew them out for the show and the party. From the looks of it, they are too.

It takes a brave woman (and one who knows her angles) to cosy up with an angel like Romee Strijd for a photo, but Wazen looks gorgeous.

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Farahat was backstage too, and can now tick the life goal of having Adriana Lima say you’re gorgeous off her list. That’s a moment to replay a couple of times.

We won’t lie, we’d be taking this exact same photo given the opportunity.

Wazen and Farahat both hit the pink carpet for the star-studded after part as well, and they looked incredible. You’d want to, given the rest of the guest list, but both ladies rose to the occasion beautifully.

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In her caption, Farahat suggested that we make the switch to pink carpets instead of red fulltime. Definitely worth considering. We’d be happy to take that sequinned blazer off your hands when you’re done, too.

Judging from Wazen’s outfit, it looks like sequins were the order of the day. But aren’t they always?

By the way, a couple of VS models wore Zuhair Murad to the after party. They looked truly amazing and you can check out those pics here.

If you need us, we’ll be planning holidays in Shanghai for the rest of the day.

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