Beauty mogul Huda Kattan is known for creating some of the most outstanding makeup and skincare products in the beauty industry.

However, she’s now on a mission to redefine beauty standards and expose some of the fakery that has emerged as a result of social media.

Kattan previously said that she has “had enough” of photoshop and manipulation which confine images to “toxic” beauty standards.

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Having accrued a following of over 70 million social media, Kattan continues to be an advocate for honest and truthful advertising within the beauty industry, even starting a petition to ensure brands disclose when images have been edited.

Editing and filters make it tough to decrypt what is real and what is edited. Kattan has disclosed that she too has been influenced to edit her photos, predominantly on Instagram.

In yet another endeavour to push the boundaries away from these unfeasible beauty standards, the beauty mogul posted a video showing the process of editing from HudaBeauty’s GloWish campaign.


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In a video shared on Instagram, Kattan said in the caption she has “had ENOUGH of the over-editing, photoshop and not showing enough realness!!!”

“Here is a not so ‘perfect’ photo from our GloWish campaign shoot and I thought it would be really interesting to show you guys what it would have looked like had we chosen to photoshop and try to sell unrealistic beauty expectations,” she added.

In the post, the photograph of herself is being retouched, Kattan stated she decided to “look in the mirror and start with ourselves,” in an attempt to show the power of photoshop.

Photographed for the new Huda Beauty GloWish campaign, Kattan is seen posing against a sand dune with her body relaxed. As the video progresses, she has been edited to have a much smaller waist, arms and bigger hips and chest – an extremely pursued look at present.

Kattan finishes the caption by explaining that the retouched image was “what it would have looked like had we chosen to photoshop and try to sell unrealistic beauty expectations.”

This post was another step in her journey of transparency within her beauty and skincare brands, as well as learning to love herself in the year of 2021.

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