“Enough is enough,” Huda Kattan says. The beauty mogul is referring to the “toxic” beauty standards that have emerged on social media and is campaigning for a change.

The founder of Huda Beauty has “had enough” of the use of filters and photo editing which has set “unrealistic” beauty standards in the world through various digital platforms.

Having amassed a following of over 70 million social media followers, Huda Kattan addresses the issue she herself faced, which led her to tap into the beauty industry. As she used to feel “ugly”, she used makeup as a tool to feel worthy of herself again.

The intention of launching her own skincare line entitled ‘Wishful Skincare’ was to make the brand free of makeup, photoshop, models and filters, while using their own team members to avoid any editing for the campaigns and keep it all as natural as possible.

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In a video she shared to Instagram, Kattan said in the caption that society has become “trapped in creating this standard of ‘perfection’.”

“I realize now more than ever before just how harmful it can be. I want everyone to join us on this journey to demand transparency from your face brands,” she added.


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With filters on almost every application such as FaceTune, Snapchat and Instagram, one can simply amend the features on their face by achieving a structured face shape, coloured eyes, wispy eyelashes or blurred blemishes. These high-tech apps have redirected their audience from the notion of self-acceptance by setting this boundary of unachievable norms in society.

As Kattan embarks on a journey of transparency in the year of 2021, she inspires her audience to do the same as she has created a petition, with the goal for beauty brands to disclose when they edit photos.

You can watch the entire video below.

To sign this petition visit ipetitions.com

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