The UAE ranks in many world top 10s (best shoreline, for example, or number of tallest buildings) – however this might be one of the most heart-warming accolades it’s scored.

The Emirates has just been named as one of the world’s most generous nations, and it’s not just because of the amount we give to charity.

According to the CAF World Giving Index, the United Arab Emirates has made a new entry into the top 10 this year, moving from fourteenth place in 2015 to tenth place this year.

Categories measured include helping strangers, giving money to a good cause, and volunteering, and 1,000 residents of 140 countries were questioned for the index.

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With the UAE claiming the title of most generous nation in the Middle East, Myanmar came out top overall, followed by the United States, Australia. New Zealand, Sir Lanka, Canada, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

This marks the third year in a row that Myanmar (also known as Burma) has topped the index.

“We continue to be humbled by signs of generosity across the globe in times of adversity, with people rallying when there is a greater need within the population,” the report stated.

According to the CAF results, 75 per cent of UAE residents helped a stranger in the last month, while 63 per cent of those surveyed had donated money. When it came to volunteering, 22 per cent of respondents had done so in the last month.

The Emirates’ high ‘helping a stranger’ score meant the nation scored fifth in that category, after Iraq, Libya, Kuwait and Somalia.

CAF noted that the UAE was one of the “most improved” nations – while the least generous nation according to the index? China, with 6 per cent giving money to charity and 24 per cent helping a stranger.

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