The Hundred Wellness Centre’s Helen Pleic tells exactly how Rapid Transformational Therapy can help everyone find self-love.

What do you love about what you do?

I love to help people, and I really love knowing that I help people in an effective way that frees them of what is holding them back from living their best life. Having a resourceful internal dialogue which is free from doubt, sabotage, negative thoughts and feelings mean that people can show up better in their lives for themselves and others.

What brought about your transition into the mental wellness space?

People have always been able to naturally open up to me, which has allowed me to do well in my career. After doing the same thing for a while in business, I realised I loved the coaching and development aspect of my role and leading teams through change. Five years ago, I came across NLP & then RTT which impacted me for the better on a personal and professional level. I knew then that it was what I wanted to do next. When I came to The Hundred Centre, I felt the space was peaceful, warm and inviting. It is a safe space for people to be in.

When you manage people, you can often see that their performance is impacted by their confidence and lack of self-esteem, which stems from their prior personal experiences. This understanding led me to combine coaching and therapy to help each person, depending on their circumstances.

Can you talk us through what Rapid Transformational Therapy can do for the mind, body and soul?

RTT impacts the mind, body and soul, as it begins with and changes your mind. Our mind, body and soul are all connected, and our mind has a big impact on how we feel, which also impacts our bodies. Sometimes when we are too caught up in our thoughts, we can forget this. Our thoughts impact our feelings, which then impact our bodies.

Some of our thoughts are consistent, out of habit and experience. They are like the comfort zone of our minds that we dare not deviate from. The emotions that we operate from are driven by our thoughts, which all impact our body and the actions we take. This impacts our overall life experience or psyche soul, it’s like a spiral. You will see big changes when you change your thoughts.

We can use our relationship with our bodies as an example. Most people find it easy to criticise their appearance and body. If you miss sleep and you are not eating well, your eyes may be puffy, you may look tired and bloated, your body is responding to your actions. We then criticise ourselves and our bodies by saying, “I look terrible, look at how fat and bloated I am”. When in reality, it’s the thoughts that are driving the behaviour to not sleep and eat foods that do not agree with our bodies that we should be focusing on.

In your experience, how does RTT help with self-love?

RTT can help in many ways. It can address why you have low self-esteem which is critical for self-love. If you are not kind to yourself, have inconsistent boundaries, put other people on a pedestal, are always comparing yourself to other people and saying you are not good enough, then you need to address where the beliefs that are driving those behaviours come from.

As children, we experience love externally with constant praise and care from significant caregivers. When we become independent adults, this must shift to self-praise and self-love. No one person will be with you all the time to validate your worth and to give you love, it’s an inside job, and when you love yourself you will be able to love another and accept their love.

How would you say mental wellness contributes to the ability to self-love?

For me, mental wellness means being constructive and resourceful with my thoughts, which impact my feelings and actions. With mental wellness, I know that I can speak positively to myself and engage in any situation in a constructive manner. Mental wellness is also the ability to know your needs and understand your feelings. To be able to do this, you really need to sit with yourself and understand when a situation impacts you and why. When you understand and you are able to express this in a calm manner, this is a true act of self-love.

What is key to truly achieving self-love?

Having compassion for yourself, as well as a willingness and ability to see the truth and acknowledge yourself for where you are in the moment, against where you have been previously, you are definitely in appreciation mode. To love yourself, you need to have an understanding of the identity that you hold yourself too, your best version of you. To be able to do this, step away from all of the external messages that depict how you should look, what you should be doing to be accepted and stop comparing yourself to them. Know who you want to be, know truthfully where you are and appreciate where you were.

How has RTT impacted your life and self-love?

I used to be a perfectionist, self-sabotage occasionally and hold myself and others to high standards. I have always been kind, however, RTT is allowing me to lead with this, live in the moment, improve my self-esteem and my relationship with my body.

I’ve noticed a significant shift since working with RTT, most importantly it has enabled me to enjoy my life, strengthened my relationships and allowed me to develop and progress spiritually.

This is ‘The Love Issue’ – what does love mean to you and how do you plan to instil love into your life throughout 2021?

To me, love is tenderness, affection and consideration for one another. To instil more love in my life is to act from thoughts of love and to live with an open heart. The book, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer explains the concept of an open heart, and describes it as being excited and energised, the feeling we get when we are in a relationship. He compares this to the feeling we get when the relationship ends, we withdraw into ourselves and become depressed as our hearts are closed.

We have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for things that give us the feeling of love, as opposed to giving ourselves the feeling of love, keeping our hearts open and living life this way. It’s like seeing a toddler walking around and hugging everyone, they know no better than to love when they are in a safe, happy home.

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