ODEEM founder Fatma Al Otaiba and jewellery designer Alia Bin Omair join forces for a meaningful collaboration inspired by the Emirati founders’ creativity and refined spirit.

When did you first conceptualize this collaboration, and what was the inspiration behind it?

FAO: I reached out to Alia, because I fell in love with her designs and wanted to create a piece that has elements rooted and inspired by our culture, her use of natural textures is what I was drawn to.

ABO: Fatma invited me to collaborate on a bag she designed to design the handle, and we explored the idea of elevating one of my collections. You’re both creatives on your own merit.

How did you go about refining the creative process for this collaboration?

FAO: We worked together with ease, loved the development process.

ABO: We always felt comfortable talking about our ideas, which made it easy for us to work together.

What are the biggest style differences and similarities between your brands?

FAO: Alia’s designs are more organic, and she draws a lot of inspiration from our heritage with a refined execution, whereas my pieces are more classic and timeless. Working with her made me want to explore developing bags with unique hardware, a blend of both styles.

ABO: I believe each of us has a distinct style, yet our ability to complement each other’s creations has been the driving force behind the success of this collaboration.

Your designs are deeply connected to culture and nature in terms of influence — how did you incorporate your signature techniques in each piece?

FAO: I wanted to develop the bag with Alia to create a piece that had cultural influence… I was inspired by her style.

ABO: I continue to incorporate consistent textures and forms when creating the hardware.

What have you learned about each other worlds through this collaboration?

FAO: Collaborating with Alia made me excited about developing accessories for my brand with her help.

ABO: Through our collaboration, I’ve had the opportunity to discover the world of bag design. It’s been fascinating to understand the attention to detail, functionality, and material selection that goes into creating a bag.

How do you want the pieces from this collection to be worn?

ABO: I envision our collaboration bag to be worn by a sophisticated woman who appreciates beauty and wants to be unique with her looks.

This is The Refinement Issue – what does refinement mean to you and how do you implement it for yourself?

ABO: As a jewellery designer, refinement means achieving a balance between aesthetic, elegance and a high level of craftsmanship. It’s about creating pieces that show sophistication and timelessness, paying attention to every intricate detail, and using high-quality materials.

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