One of the highlights of working from home, is that you can do it any way you like. Snuggled under a duvet in bed, feet up on the sofa or perhaps in the most artistic chair you could ever imagine.

Homeware fever is sweeping through the UAE with many of us looking to Instagram trends and simple artistic touches to enhance our space. Italian creative Carla Tolomeo has gone above and beyond to transform a humble chair into an eclectic piece of art.

Using exceptional materials, the humble object takes on a new form and can be a striking addition to any home — just imagine the Instagram snaps you can take.


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Artist, sculptor and writer, Tolomeo has been exhibiting her work since 1971, but it wasn’t until 1997, when she presented for the first time her Sedie, the sculptured chairs that marked a turning point in her artistic production. As she herself wrote in the presentation of her first catalogue dedicated to the Chair-Sculptures, her philosophy is the mutation and transformation of any object into an artistic object, beginning with the most simple household item: a chair.

Strongly taking inspiration from her life’s experiences, her studies and the memory of her old teacher, Giorgio de Chirico, Carla Tolomeo is capable of transforming the chair into something magic: a totem, a gigantic flower. Her Chair-Sculptures become something magical that brings back memories of childhood, while keeping the touch of mischief of someone who has lived their life intensely.


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Functional and striking, you can marvel at some of her pieces at Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery that is located in the Blue Waters island in Dubai. It was founded by Emanuela Venturini and Paola Marucci who have shared a vision and combined their love for art and culture to create a platform for cross-cultural exchange between Dubai (UAE) and Pietrasanta (Italy).

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