Emirates Bride catches up with fashion powerhouse Rashmi Kumari to talk custom couture, this season’s silhouettes and the latest collaboration for C’est Moi with Bloomingdale’s.

Congratulations on your newest venture, Custom Couture with Bloomingdale’s! Tell us about it…

C’est Moi has been stocked at Bloomingdale’s in The Dubai Mall since 2010 and it has been a great journey. We decided to extend the relationship to custom couture; the client can choose a gown from the present collection to give them a basic idea of what they would like. They can then select the fabric, sequins and beading, along with how they would like their dress designed.

So, the dress will be a one-off piece?

Absolutely, this is custom couture in its true sense. Each piece will be made to order, resulting in a unique creation.

How will you ensure the perfect fit?  

We want the customer to feel totally comfortable with a dress that fits perfectly so they feel gorgeous in it. We will have a trial with the customer where the muslin is fitted and only once they are happy will we go ahead with the beading and embroidery process.

How long will it take to customise each dress?

That all depends on how heavily beaded the dress is, but it will be approximately four to six weeks.

What tips do you have for brides when picking a gown?

Although the style and look of your gown is important, don’t let comfort take a backseat. Make sure your gown isn’t too long or heavy, and most importantly that you can breathe in it!

Any tips on customising the gown, post wedding?

The best way to get a lot of usability is to have a dress that looks equally good long or short. After the wedding, it’s just a case of knocking the length off and turning it into a cocktail dress.

What makes the C’est Moi gowns perfect for a wedding, either as a guest or bride? 

It’s all down to the detail, fit and intricate beading, along with the idea that you’ll be wearing a completely unique piece and therefore avoiding that awkward moment of turning up in the same outfit as somebody else.

What colours and styles do you predict to be popular this season?

I think we will see a lot less structure, in place of long and flowing silhouettes in bright colours and floral prints. The C’est Moi collection that will be available at Bloomingdale’s will include a vast variety of long and short options.

As a successful businesswoman, designer and mother, how do you maintain the life balance?

I keep things in perspective; my family comes above everything, closely followed by my love of fashion. I’m an early riser, which gives me time to work before my children come home from school.

Finally, what’s next for C’est Moi?

We have lots of interesting things in the pipeline, including a trunk show with Bloomingdale’s, which will tie in with the launch of the custom-made gowns. They’ve helped to make it all possible.

C’est Moi is available at Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall (04) 3505333