We wish this was our wardrobe.

Project Runway has always seemed like one of the more high-brow reality TV shows to us. Unlike many of them, which are solely based on interpersonal drama, it requires contestants to actually make something and show some talent.

And considering how much of a fashion hub the Middle East is, it makes sense that the local version of the show would be particularly compelling.

The second season of Project Runway Middle East has just finished up (huge congratulations to Saher Okal, who took it out), and our eyes are on host Valerie Abou Chacra.

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The former Miss World Lebanon has looked gorgeous all season long, and as Lebanese designer Elie Saab pointed out, she’s kept her wardrobe very local.

Chacra wore some of our favourite recent Saab designs while fronting the design competition. For your reference:

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There’s a lot to love in that little gallery. Chacra looks gorgeous (not surprising from a literal beauty queen) and she’s reminding us of some of our favourite red carpet moments of the last few months.

Observe, model and actress Jaime King in a Saab dress very similar to Chacra’s.

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Pure elegance, if you ask us.

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And then, here’s Karlie Kloss in the same tomato-red Saab that Chacra wore for the show’s finale.

karlie kloss

Just stunning. It’s not hard to shop local when you’ve got options like this.

Chacra and Saab are clearly a very strong match.

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Images: Elie Saab/Instagram, Getty Images