With a pool of these talented family members residing from a Palestinian heritage, you might not be aware of the Hadid’s lineage and the details of it.

As the supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid have often been spotted on the runway, their father and renowned property mogul has constantly instilled a sense of Palestinian identity in his children as he has opened up about his roots on several occasions.


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After being born in Nazareth and spending most of his childhood in refugee camps, Mohamed Hadid expressed his love for the country in an interview according to The National at the Arab Conference at Harvard saying ‘My parents always embedded in us that we are Palestinians, we’ll always be Palestinians, so my home has always been that virtual home, where my mum, my dad, my kids were learning to roll grape leaves with their grandma.”

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Having previously lived in Damascus, Beirut and Tunis before moving to the US, the property mogul has only lived in Palestine for few months of his life, however, he notified that this will always be his heritage.

While also having recently claimed that his late mother descended from royalty, as was also written for the caption on his recent Mother’s Day Post. He also said “Her great grandfather was the Prince of Nazareth – King of Galilee in the 18th century Daher Al-Omer The Ruler,”


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In addition, to carrying on this passion of Mohamed’s culture, he ensured that his five children had Arabic names as he continues to instill their Middle Eastern heritage to his grand-daughter too with her name being Khai which also has a special meaning behind it in Arabic, as in some terms it means “crowned”, “the chosen one” or “strong”.

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