Jass Lounge located in DIFC, Gate 2 is a gem of a bar where you can escape from the world for a few hours sit back and enjoy some world-class jazz music entertainment.

It was as if I stepped across a time gateway and found myself in Ronnie Scotts Soho back in the day.

First of all, the bar is just how a Jazz Club should be, dark and sultry but with a large sprinkling of DIFC with its first-class cocktail experience.

Then all you need to do is sit back and be entertained by the fantastic selection of musicians that they have on their roster. It’s a place where art attracts art and often fellow musicians who frequent the venue as spectators can’t help themselves but join the fun and contribute to the show, adding to the eclectic atmosphere of the venue.

This really was escapism at its best – what a great way to end a hard-working day with world-class entertainment and first-class service.

You’ll have an expertly crafted cocktail in one hand and the other tapping along to the beat of the music as the night runs away with you.

If you have not experienced a jazz bar in Dubai, or are looking for a new hotspot to frequent, I highly recommend you visit the Jass Lounge where you can immerse yourself in the art of jazz and enjoy a memorable evening of classic tunes.

Take a look at Jass Lounge below.

For more information call 050 912 4242.

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Images: Supplied