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If you are not familiar with one of Dubai’s coolest concept stores, then you should keep reading. The Edit, launched less than a year ago by Rumana Nazim, is a collective lifestyle space bringing together fashion, accessories, art, beauty, home décor and a coffee bar, all under one roof.

Rumana fused all of these differing elements together and the result was a harmonised edit for the modern, stylish woman. The Edit introduces visitors to boutique brands, mainly from London and New York that have a cult following. But it doesn’t stop there, the concept store is also a place for up-and-coming contemporary artists to showcase their art and talent.

We interviewed Rumana for our Spotlight On series, to learn more about The Edit and how it all comes together.

When did you launch The Edit? And what was the idea behind starting it?

The Edit was launched 10 months ago with the intention of creating a new experience which would be truly innovative. It’s a concept store and lifestyle space that incorporates fashion, design, art and events in a villa on Al Wasl Road to offer women a unique way of shopping.

What goes into choosing which brands to display in your store?


All of our brands have a beautiful story to their collections and have a strong contemporary look. I chose most brands by visiting London and Paris Fashion Weeks as it’s a great way to scout new designers who aren’t available in the region.

You also have beauty products at your store, tell us more about that?

We currently have Grown Alchemist and Rahua which are incredible organic skincare brands – but we’re soon going to be bringing in a few new brands too.


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What struggles did you face while establishing your business?

For me, the most difficult was turning my vision into a reality and making the transition from being a lawyer to an entrepreneur, which was a whole new ballgame for me.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Overcoming my struggles and successfully launching The Edit while still staying very true to my original vision.

What do you think is unique in your business? What makes it different to other boutiques?

It’s a completely new idea to Dubai; we don’t have many true concept stores in our city that offer so many diverse yet personalised services to the customer and I see even larger, traditional stores now moving towards a “millennial-friendly” experience-based journey. The Edit is a space where you can shop cool, cult fashion brands, artisanal homeware pieces, attend workshops, seminars, art exhibitions and fashion pop-ups and also visit an organic coffee and tea bar, all in a beautiful, homely villa in Jumeirah!


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What do you hope for your customers to feel when they enter your store? Who are your targeted customers?

My customer is a very empowered, confident and well-travelled woman. She knows what she wants and loves looking and feeling beautiful; she also doesn’t always follow a trend and sets her own rules which is why she comes to The Edit instead of buying mass brands. I want our customers to enter feeling peaceful, happy and looked after, as well as part of a community that we try and create here.

You include emerging designers, ones with a cult following rather than a mainstream one, why is this important to you?

Dubai is home to so many amazing brands that are available in all the malls; I wanted The Edit to tap into the lesser known brands so that it truly stays unique.

Which of the lesser known brands in your store that you feel deserves more recognition?

That’s a difficult question to answer but if I had to choose, I would say The Jetset Diaries; it’s a bohemian brand inspired by luxury resort wear.


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You can visit the store in Al Wasl, Dubai.

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