Bingo wings. Lumpy thighs. Saggy bottom. No one is perfect but a lean and well-toned body is every woman’s dream, however if you want that sizzling hot bod, you have to put in the effort. 

“Fitness goals for women vary from aesthetic to athletic and it is important to understand that women do have challenges when it comes to fitness,” says Charlotte Stebbing, Fitness First Middle East, Abu Dhabi, Regional Fitness Manager. “That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but definitely means that women need to train smart.”

Here are five exercises that target key muscle groups to help you get into that cocktail dress with ease…

Target Area: Butt & Back

Workout: Deadlift

  • Targets hips, butt, back and legs
  • Works more than one major muscle group, boosting metabolism
  • Helps overall strength and functional to everyday life

How to… Deadlift

  • Hold dumbbells in front of hips at arm’s length
  • Bend at hips and knees to lower weight to floor
  • Keep posture and torso tall
  • When standing squeeze glutes and thrust hips forward
  • lower body, your core, back, shoulders and more.

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Target Area: Abs & Shoulders

Workout: Kettlebell Swings

  • Tightens deep abdominal muscles
  • Combines strength with Cardio Exercise – great for fat loss
  • Defines back and shoulder muscles

 How to… KB Swing

  • Stand over KB with feet hip width apart, chest up & shoulders back & down
  • Move hips down & back. Grip KB with palms facing you and thumbs loosely wrapped around KB
  • Drive hips up and forward, stand tall, keep arms straight with KB
  • Squeeze Glutes, retract shoulder blades, engage core & tall spine
  • Repeat

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Target Area: Legs & Butt

Workout: Squats

  • Builds strength, definition & shape for legs & butt
  • Helps good posture, balance and a strong core
  • Encourages flexibility & mobility in the body

How to … Squat

  • Dumbbells in front to activate core
  • Bend knees & sit back into heels to activate glutes
  • Squeeze glutes at the top

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Target Area: Butt

Workout: Bridges

  • Great for a firm & shapely butt
  • Creates mind-muscle connection, activating glutes, pelvic floor muscles
  • Builds core stabilisation which prevents lower back pain (common in women)

How to… Bridge

  • Lay on the back, feet on the floor with knees bent
  • Finger tips touching heels & heels pushing into the ground
  • Contract the abs & push lower back into the floor
  • Exhale and lift hips off of the floor (avoid arching the back)
  • Repeat

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Target Area: Core

Workout: Plank

  • Builds solid core strength by working inner abdominal muscles
  • Helps pull in the stomach to have the flat look
  • Encourages balance and posture in the body

How to…Plank

  • Lay face down on the floor, place elbows directly under shoulders
  • Push up onto knees or toes
  • Brace the abs & pull belly button to spine
  • squeeze the butt and thighs
  • Hold 30 – 60 seconds

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