It may have felt like the sweltering summer heat has been never-ending this year, but there’s a tell-tale sign that’s appeared meaning that summer is officially drawing to a close.

The Suhail star – the second brightest star in the sky, which is estimated to be 313 light-years away from Earth – has been spotted.

The star made an appearance on August 24, meaning the sweltering heat is coming to an end.

Since ancient times, the people of the Arabian peninsula have been using the stars to decipher timings, seasons, weather patterns and more, Ibrahim Al Jarwan, a member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, told the Khaleej Times.

“They learn through the starts, the start of the seasons of the year, the times of rain, and the period of hot and cold weather,” he explained. “And by counting the stars, farmers and people in the villages knew when to plough their land, and when to sow in preparation for the rain.

“People of the mainland got to know the seasons for grazing and travel, whereas those of the sea were able to know the fishing and travel seasons from the stars.”

Interestingly, the sighting of the star has coincided perfectly with the weather cooling down this week.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCMS), temperatures are expected to drop from the low 40-degrees celsius to the high 30s.

On Thursday, temperatures are set to be around 41 degrees Celsius, with light winds followed by the humidity peaking overnight into Friday morning.

To start the weekend on Friday, temperatures will be cooler around 39 degrees celsius. Similar temperatures can be expected on Saturday along with some winds.

Then, to begin the new work week on Sunday, the cooler temperatures will continue.

While our air-conditioning is firmly staying on, it’s nice to know the Dubai winter is on the horizon. In the meantime, we’ll be enjoying the many pool day deals that are on offer to be able to cool off in style.

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Feature Image: Rania Fawaz for Emirates Woman