Starting as a small family business, its contribution to art, design and fashion is so all-encompassing that it’s safe to say, without it, the creative industries would be lacking a serious amount of lustre. It’s little wonder, then, that we’re awaiting Swarovski’s 120th Anniversary exhibition at Harvey Nichols-Dubai’s with baited breath.

From decorating the chandeliers of Versailles to covering Marilyn Monroe’s modesty in the sheer dress she wore to sing Happy Birthday to JFK, Swarovski gems have studded history, playing some pretty important supporting roles.

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Celebrating 120 years of being at the top of their game the Swarovski exhibition in Harvey Nichols-Dubai will offer customers and visitors an exclusive insight into brand’s incredible history from Dior and Balmain couture pieces from the 1930s and 1940s, to Michael Jackson’s famous glove and unique creations from Alexander McQueen – the designer responsible for making crystals cool again with his visionary approach.


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As well as collaborating with Swarovski to stage the exclusive in-store exhibition, the Harvey Nichols Dubai team have also used the 120th anniversary to inspire their festive window display which, thanks to Swarovski, are dazzling bejewelled.

To launch the exhibition and unveil the window display, Nadja Swarovski – the great-great-granddaughter of the founder and the woman carrying on the brand’s pioneering spirit – is in Dubai to help explain the brand’s rich heritage.

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Nadja will also be on a panel with fashion commentator Colin McDowell on November 12, discussing Swarovski’s new coffee table book by Rizzoli (it was published to commemorate the anniversary) and the incredible history of her family business.

Swarovski- Celebrating a History of Collaborations in Fashion, Jewelry, Performance and Design is an illustrated book by Rizzoli

Swarovski: Celebrating a History of Collaborations in Fashion, Jewelry, Performance and Design is an illustrated book by Rizzoli. The must-have read showcases never-before-published contemporary and archival photographs, and tells, for the first time, the illustrious tale of Swarovski’s heritage and the brand’s cutting-edge presence today. The book will be available for the first time to buy in Dubai at the exhibition.

Scroll through the gallery below to enjoy a sneak peek at some of the exhibition pieces and also to see what part Swarovski has played in pop and modern culture:

The Swarovski Archive Design Exhibition will be open to the public on Level 2 in-store from November 12th – December 23rd

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Words: Alexandria Gouveia & Olivia Phillips