If you ever need a lipstick confidence boost then you’re in luck as Givenchy Beauty unveils the new Le Rouge collection.

Beautifully matte finish offers hydration and is also longwear. In addition, Art Director of Givenchy Beauty Nicolas Degennes has created a colour specifically with the Middle East in mind which will make any makeup bag feel extra special.

We have asked the mastermind behind Givenchy’s iconic products to share his summer makeup tips and some advice for budding beauty experts.

summer makeup tips givenchy beauty Nicolas Degennes

Which part of the new collection were you most excited to work on?


I loved working on the texture of Deep Velvet Red. The duel between mattness and hydration, comfort, flexibility and colour intensity made me vibrate throughout the entire process of creation.

Which products from the collection do you feel would be a hit in the Middle East?

The Deep Velvet Red and the 9 #5 palette will be a huge success because I really thought of them especially for you.

Any tips for helping the makeup survive the heat and humidity?

Prisme Libre Loose Powder will really protect you from heat and humidity.

Is there a right way to apply foundation?

You have to apply your foundation exactly as you would apply a cream and then tap on the concealer, especially around the eyes, the wings of the nose just a little bit on the cupid’s arch and why not a little bit between the eyebrows so as to hide the redness.

summer makeup tips givenchy beauty Nicolas Degennes

What about lipstick?

There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman applying lipstick with the stick. I love it. If you want the lipstick to last longer, apply over the entire surface of the lip with a lip liner to get intensity underneath the lipstick. Or use Rose Perfecto which contains a complex that reacts to the skin’s PH, and then apply your lipstick. These two alternatives are ideal for a long-lasting hold.

Your top makeup products every woman should own.

Foundation, powder and mascara.

What was your plan B career path?

A painter.

What is your career advice to anyone who hopes to enter the world of beauty?

Work hard and never think you that you made it. Always question yourself.

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