We are having a throwback Thursday moment at Emirates Woman.

“Yo I tell you want what I really, really want.” The Spice Girls re-union is finally here.

I can see myself now, nine years old (OK, eleven) singing in front of the television in my three-bedroom semi-detached house in North-West London. What was it about the Spice Girls that had such an impact on us? Was it the diversity? Five women, all extremely unique and different from each other celebrating one thing: GIRL POWER. Or was it the fashion? The liberating style that came out of the 90’s. Sports-meets-chic, and Ginger Spice: who could ever forget the union jack dress?

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The rumors are true; it wasn’t a dream. Ginger, Scary, Baby and Sporty and all due to re-unite in a UK stadium tour that has already sold out. There has even been an extra date added in Cardiff, to deal with the demand from fans. The big question on everyone’s mind is obvious, will it be the same without Posh Spice? Victoria Beckham has decided to decline the offer to zigga, zig, ahh with the girls. It was revealed that Victoria was never approached for the reunion as the ladies were already aware VB the fashion designer had no desire to re-visit her pop-star days. Although she won’t be there, Victoria has been supporting the girls on Instagram, making it clear she’ll we be standing in the wings cheering the girls on.

The fact of the matter is, if you haven’t already booked a ticket and a flight back to the UK now is the time to do so. Tickets are scarce and this is going to be the re-union of the year. To get ready for the show of a lifetime, let’s take a look at two of their most epic and iconic fashion moments:



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