It’s a favourite among some of the fittest (we are using this word with every meaning intended) celebrities and models and has become such a phenomena that a membership is hard to come by – welcome to the Skinny B***h Collective.

Every wondered how ‘ab-tastic’ Millie Mackintosh, super-lean Suki Waterhouse and new hot It model Neelam Gill get in such great shape? They certainly don’t sit around watching TV all day that’s for sure. No, they have top-tier trainer Russ Batemen, founder of The Skinny B***h Collective, barking orders at them to get them in the best shape they’ve ever been in.

So impressive are the results that SBC, as it’s known, has become the go-to workout haunt for fashion’s most famous fitness fanatics.

In fact, Russ once said: “The demand for SBC content has been phenomenal. In the last year we’ve been in more issues of Vogue than some of the supermodels we train!”

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What is it?

SBC is run by trainer Russell Bateman. Each class is 50-minutes worth of intense circuits. Russ’s aim is to get you out of your comfort zones with combinations and movements perhaps unfamiliar with you from other classes. In doing so Russ’s classes are never boring or predictable, plus, add on top of that an awesome soundtrack and it’s a workout you would actually look forward to. Russ says: “We sculpt the female form using our Skinny Bitch honed training and nutritional elixirs to help you on your way to the shape of your life…”

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A friend, who was super-excited to hear I was training with Russ, said: “It’s like the fitness equivalent of Soho house.” And she is completely right, so A-list are some of his clients that when doing a group class you could easily be sweating next to a top model, TV star or fashion editor.

As someone who is a regular at Crossfit I wasn’t too apprehensive about the class – but I should’ve been. Just when you think you’ve tried every workout move Russ keeps throwing in new routines or at least new adaptations. Hate burpees?

Try doing one handed ones! Firm but not aggressive or intimidating, in fact Russ gets the balance just right, making you want to be a skinny b***h, and with his training I seriously think any woman could stand a chance. Only problem is his classes are in London, Ibiza, LA and New York. So not ideal for us Dubai-ites, but great for when wanting an unique workout in a cool city. That said the SBC can provide an online nutrition and fitness programme.

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