The world’s biggest shopping destination has introduced nifty little sleep pods for weary fashionistas.

We’ve all been there—you’ve been browsing the boutiques for hours, you’re caffeined out, your feet are killing you, but you’re not ready to call it a day yet.

Well, The Dubai Mall has just introduced a new solution that might be just what you need to pep you up during a mammoth spending spree.

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The Downtown destination, which is the world’s largest mall in terms of total area, has just created a row of sleep pods that’ll help shoppers recharge their batteries.

The egg-like booths are situated by the P2 entrance of the Grand Parking section, with 12 of them up for grabs.

A one-hour nap will cost you Dhs40, it’s Dhs75 for two hours or, for the really worn-out visitor (or reluctant companion), you can get a three-hour window for Dhs95, Gulf News reports.

Want even longer? Then you’ll pay Dhs20 an hour thereafter—and a pillow costs an extra Dhs10.

Each pod is fitted with adapters and USB ports so you can juice up your devices at the same time (or just sit back and watch some videos), and shutters can be closed for extra privacy and darkness.

The sleep lounge is open for business now, and follows the launch of the mall’s much-anticipated Fashion Avenue expansion.

The high-end extension will eventually play home to more than 150 luxury brands, with labels including Gucci, Hermès, Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier and Dior setting up shop.

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Not all of the boutiques in the extension, which features a light-filled glass roof, are yet open, but shoppers can walk through the space.

You’ll find the Fashion Avenue extension right by the atrium of its predecessor, opposite Armani Café on the ground floor.

The multi-storey space has added one million square feet of built-up area to the mall, so it sounds like we’ll definitely be needing a quick snooze in order to get round it all…

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Images: The Dubai Mall/Instagram, Getty