Students were in for a right royal treat

Today marks the first day of school in the UAE.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan marked the new academic year by dropping in to a math and English-language lesson.


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Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince visited Al Asayel School in Khalifa City.

The Prince seemed right at home in school as he sat perched at the back of the class alongside female pupils.

Al Asayel School have recently replaced their traditional teaching materials with interactive equipment, including an interactive calendar and iPads.

Video guides are used to assist lessons while teacher frequently revisit topics taught on-screen to ensure students have a firm grasp of this before moving on.

The Sheikh has long advocated for the education of pupils in the UAE.

“Education is the best tool whereby we can chart fresh roadmaps for the betterment of our nation. Education has become the real bet for effecting a qualitative leap across all fields of development,” he said.

This weekend, he urged pupils to not only enjoy school but to seize the number of opportunities to learn.

“Continue your educational journey with all seriousness and hard work, as our goal is no longer to pass only – but to excel and make it to the top,” he wrote on Twitter.

Not a bad way to start the school year!

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Main image: Twitter