His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum’s popularity continues to soar with the Crown Prince of Dubai reaching 2 million followers on Twitter.

While he still trails behind his father who has an impressive 6.84 million followers, breaking the 2 million mark is an impressive indicator of how popular the Prince is among the UAE population, which, in case you were wondering is at 9.3 million.

Sheikh Hamdan, who has 4.1 followers on Instagram, joined Twitter in March 2010. Unlike Instagram where he shares his adventures – “Every picture has a story and every story has a moment that I’d love to share with you Thanks and enjoy” – his Twitter account is used as a platform to discuss policies and government initiatives.


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To celebrate the young Sheikh reaching this impressive milestone we’ve scrolled through all 2,157 of his tweets and selected his best Twitter posts:

When he talked to the sweet school girl who was born and raised in Dubai

When he proved he was a great sport and cheered on the winning team (even though it meant he lost)

When he got the London Underground with his dad HRH Sheikh Mohammed

When he proved he is the true family man

When he did #tbt

When he celebrated Dubai’s beauty

When he mingled with the UAE athletes at Spartan Race

When he showed his humanitarian side

When Dubai’s fastest met on the road

When he was the first to try the tram

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