By bringing life to every creation he designs, Saudi label Ashi Studio has been seen on Moroccan-Canadian singer Faouzia as she stars alongside Grammy Award winner John Legend in his latest music video.

A couture house known for its elegant craftsmanship has adorned the likes of famous personalities worldwide such as Queen Rania, Beyonce, Ellie Goulding and many more, the label was created to empower women with each creation being a projection of one’s true self.

The signer is seen in an ethereal ensemble with billowing sleeves styled in a gorgeous shirt-and-skirt set by Ashi Studio as she performs in the paddy field beside Legend in this heartfelt song.

With pearl drop earrings and luscious semi-pulled back hair complementing the complete look, the video and song depicts both the emotional and literal challenges that we go through to be with and support those around us.

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Feature image: Instagram @faouzia