It’ll be located in the northern city of Hail

A new one-of-a-kind hotel is currently in the works in Saudi Arabia. The northern city of Hail is set to welcome the region’s second women-only hotel.


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The 25-room hotel will also be fully staffed by women, from the reception area, to the restaurant and room service.

“All the services a woman may need are available under one roof in a luxurious setting,” Omar Ali, supervisor of the upcoming project, said. He also hinted that a number of women-run hotels might also open up in more cities across the Kingdom.

Approximately 1,000 people have currently applied for jobs at the yet-to-be-named hotel.

The first women-only run hotel opened a decade ago. The Luthan Hotel & Spa offer luxurious lodgings and women are employed in every aspect of the business, from IT to security.


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At the time it launched, the women’s-only establishment received a warm reception.

Saudi Arabia is in the midst of unveiling a number of reforms under Vision 2030, including a boost to its construction industry.

A new luxury wellness destination is in the north-western coast is now in the works, with a focus on wellness, health and meditation. The destination, which has been dubbed ‘Riveria of the Middle East’ hopes to become a magnet for international tourists.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom is currently in the midst of building more driving schools for women as existing ones have faced overcrowding since the landmark ruling came into effect.

We can’t wait to see the hotel!

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