A driving force in the Kingdom

Saudi Arabian driving schools for women are currently under construction.

Three months after women were legally permitted to drive, a number of women-only driving schools are being built in the Kingdom.

Driving schools in Saudi Arabia have faced overcrowding since the landmark ruling came into force. The law banning women from driving had been in place since 1955.

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At the time, of the landmark ruling Saudi’s ambassador to the US, Prince Khaled bin Salman,  heralded the milestone, calling it “a historic and big day” and “the right decision at the right time”, according to the BBC.

“I think our leadership understands our society is ready,” the ambassador told The Guardian when the ban was lifted, adding that women will not need a male guardian in the vehicle when they drive.

Women across Saudi Arabia have recently embraced the opportunity to drive. In September, the first all-women’s go-karting race was held in Jeddah, the first event of its kind. Ten contestants competed for prizes worth over $2,500 in Jeddah.

An airline also recently revealed that it’ll soon start to recruit Saudi women to work as co-pilots.

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