In a revealing interview with NourAldin Alyousuf, Emirati influencer Salama Mohamed has confirmed her divorce from Khalid Al Ameri.

Putting the rumours to rest

The couple, known for their comedic videos and dynamic chemistry, had amassed a substantial following of 3.8 million subscribers, becoming icons of relationship goals on social media.

Speculation about their relationship began when the pair ceased posting content for over a year, and their joint social media account disappeared.

Khalid Al Ameri’s engagement

The rumors intensified when Khalid Al Ameri recently posted a black and white photo, suggesting he had moved on and was engaged. The photograph, showing him holding his new fiancée’s hand, was captioned “Alhumdulilah,” meaning “thank God” in Arabic.

When did it end?

Salama confirmed that the divorce was finalized on February 14th of this year, putting to rest the swirling rumors. The interview offered a glimpse into her journey of self-discovery and resilience after the end of her marriage.

Life after divorce

In her heartfelt conversation, Salama shared insights into her life post-divorce. She spoke candidly about finding independence for the first time in her life. “For the first time, Salama’s life wasn’t dependent on anyone,” she said. “Before marriage, I was dependent on my family. After marriage, I was dependent on my husband. But now as an independent person, it’s the first time that I know Salama.”

Fans are eagerly awaiting the second part of the interview, which has yet to be scheduled for release. The first part of this revealing conversation can be watched on NourAldin Alyousuf’s channel.

This candid revelation marks a significant chapter in Salama’s life as she steps forward into a new phase with newfound independence and strength.

3 interesting things to know about Salama Mohamed

From being the founder of a clean skincare brand to creating statical content on a daily basis, Salama Mohamed has made an impact in the world of content creation as she continues to inspire her audience on a daily basis.

She launched her own beauty brand


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Launching exclusively at Sephora, Salama Mohamed has managed to create a skincare brand that is specifically designed for sensitive skin and is purely made with love. With a sustainable line that primarily addresses people’s skincare concerns, Peacefull promises products with active ingredients while consisting of a natural formula. With the brand that adjusts accordingly to the extreme temperatures in this part of the world, as it consists of healing properties, to keep your skin at peace.

The brand is available in all Sephora Middle East stores and online on

She’s “blessed with vitiligo”

Salama previously opened up to Emirates Woman about being on a continuous journey of self-love. She has been diagnosed with vitiligo, a skin condition that causes the loss of skin colour in patches. When she was young she’s learned to embrace her condition. “It was a struggle growing up, when you feel you are different and don’t fit in it is easier to think there is something wrong with you,” she previously told EW. However, despite the uncertainty, Salama has managed to overcome her challenges and embrace the power of self-love.

She’s has an impressive social media following

From her travels to humorous videos, Salama has a fanbase of over 1.6 million followers on Instagram. She now uses the platform for  fashion, beauty and lifestyle content.

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Feature image: Instagram @salamamohamed