For all the skincare lovers out there, we’ve got some exciting news for you. One of our favourite UAE-based content creators, Salama Mohamed, has just launched her own sustainable skincare line.

As the pandemic has shifted the focus more towards addressing skincare concerns, people have been investing in effective yet natural skincare with active ingredients for long-term results.

Having suffered with vitiligo, a skin condition, since she was young, Salama has been on a continuous journey of self-love and also became enamoured with skincare.


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In a previous interview with Emirates Woman Salama said, “It sort of became my trademark, a part of me that was unique and beautiful, it is what made me different and I wanted to celebrate that.”

In search of finding products that best fit her super-sensitive skin, the renowned content creator, created a skincare brand that beautifully adjusts with the weather accordingly be it the sweltering hot summers or the balmy winters.

 Arising from the want of being comfortable in her own skin, Peacefull was born after years of research, in-depth knowledge and dedication, to create a brand with a specifically designed formula for sensitive skin.


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The HYA. CENTELLA collection consists of three tailor-made products designed to keep your skin at peace throughout the day, including the Mugwort clay mask cleanser for a deep yet gentle cleansing that doesn’t strip the natural moisture starting at Dhs134, the Endless Purifying toner providing incredible hydration with extra glow at Dhs244 and the Ever glow moisturizer for soothing butter hydration at Dhs187.

The skincare brand is a result of natural ingredients such as Mugwort, Cic and Sodium Hyaluronate while being cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free as it consists of healing properties for all skin types.

The brand is available in all Sephora Middle East stores and on

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