He’s in the capital this week

Hollywood megastar Ryan Reynolds is in the UAE this week – and it looks like he might be staying a whole lot longer.


Fancy being an extra in a new Ryan Reynolds UAE based film?

Ryan is visiting the country to film scenes for his upcoming film, Underground Six, directed by Michael Bay, and according to reports filming in the country could last up to several weeks.

The new movie is about six billionaires who fake their own deaths to take down ‘the bad guys’, and is expected to premiere on Netflix in 2019.

The fast-pace action-comedy is penned by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who both wrote Deadpool and Deadpool 2.  Along with the all-star team, the film is also expected to be Netflix’s most expensive film to date, costing a reported AED 460 million.


It is believed that Ryan is currently filming on Reem Island in the city, where filming is expected to continue until at least Thursday this week, with further scenes planned to be filmed in other emirates in the country.

Residents in the area have been warned that to expect loud sound effects and roadblocks during filming from November 13-15.

The scenes are not the first ones filmed for the new movie,  clips from the film’s set earlier this year in Italy show a high speed car chase taking place, in a film which some have dubbed ‘Fast And The Furious meets Deadpool’.

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