It was posted by his son, HH Sheikh Hamdan

This week the Dubai Royal family went on a short trip to Algeria. Whilst in the North African nation, HH Sheikh Hamdan shared several stunning images from the trip on his Faz3 Instagram account. One however was particularly endearing.


HH Sheikh Hamdan’s incredible wildlife photography

HH Sheikh Hamdan just scaled one of Dubai’s tallest buildings in a storm

The Crown Prince shared an image of his father, HH Sheikh Mohammed, the Ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, walking across the tough Algerian terrain.

He captioned the picture with a poetic caption in Arabic, saying “We walk on a path that feet don’t usually walk on. But even if the ground is rugged I like walking on it.”

ruler of Dubai

It’s not the first time HH Sheikh Hamdan has published a touching tribute to his father. Last week, the Crown Prince published a poem on his social media channel dedicated to the ruler of Dubai. 

Check out other incredible images from the trip here.

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