The key to a happier 2015 lies within your wardrobe. We recruited three closet fairies to show us how they streamline, organise and de-clutter possibly the most important space in the house…

Here’s how to reorganise your lifestyle with a good old closet detox…

The Trainer: Melanie Charlton from Clos-ette

The Detox: The full wardrobe renovation

The Plan: As an editor and designer, Melanie finds the best way to design the actual dressing room for a woman’s inventory, whilst working with the geometry of the space. “It must be functional, beautiful and, most of all, must showcase the woman’s most prized pieces in her collection,” she says. Starting with organising the pieces within the wardrobe, Melanie and her team then move onto space management. This entails how to hang and store pieces as well as the design of the actual space.

The Result: This New York City-based company can accomplish whatever is on your wardrobe wish list. Considered the most state-of- the-art closet design in the world, Clos-ette creates a fully functional area that is not only luxurious but beautiful as well. They use the best artisans in the world to develop your dressing room, calling on fashion designers, architects and stylists to help customise everything to your tastes.



Instagram: closette_too


The Trainers: Alex Bouvy & Emma Di Rito from So Chic

The Detox: The unwanted-item cleanse

The Plan: Working on a selective basis, Alex and Emma give second life to top quality clothes. Visiting clients’ closets or letting ladies come to them at their pop-up shop at Nyla House in Jumeirah, they pick items with good re-sale value and then organise events to sell them off. Currently, pieces from the previous two sales that have yet to find a new owner are also kept at Nyla House. They fix prices together with you, then register all items on their database, tag them, and send you a report with all the articles listed before their next sale.

The Result: With a commission of only 30 per cent, this is an easy and worthwhile way for you to re-sell pieces that are clogging up your closet, whilst also making money for pieces you’ll actually use. Loyal clients love the dynamic duo’s service so much that they trust the girls to go through their wardrobes even when they’re not at home. Once you’ve picked exactly what you want to sell from the girls’ selection, they collect the pieces and prep for the sale.


So Chic’s next sale will be Wednesday March 4 at 8am to 10pm and Thursday March 5 at 8am to 7pm at Nyla House 675-Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 3


Instagram: sochicuae


The Trainer: Farah Kabir from Dresscode by Farah 

The Detox: A full lifestyle and wardrobe overhaul

The Plan: Starting with an informal meeting, Farah aims to understand “our clients’ requests, needs, personality, past habits, comfort zones and challenges.” This isn’t just a detox, this is a lifestyle change and a service that will be fully-tailored to your specific needs and budget. Once the meeting is complete, you’re asked to go home and organise your wardrobe into piles prior to the consultancy stage.

The Result: Don’t expect an easy ride with Farah, but do expect a service worth every dirham. This is the juice cleanse of the wardrobe world, so gird yourself for unease at first, before never feeling better. Every step of the process is methodically thought out and you’ll wonder why you had never thought of it yourself. Dima Al Saidi, PR and Media Executive of Galeries Lafayette and our erstwhile guinea pig, told us: “You need some clarity to have your wardrobe on point. Farah understands that very well and works on it with her own touch.” From banishing pieces that you really won’t ever wear again to clever storage techniques, your wardrobe won’t be the only thing transformed – you will be too.



Instagram: dresscodebyfarah