Another three-day weekend before September is out? It looks possible.

Does Eid Al Adha feel like a long-distant memory? Yes, it does for us too.

However the excellent news is that we only have to wait mere weeks for another likely long weekend.

The holiday of Al Hijri, which marks the Islamic New Year of 1438, is predicted to fall on Thursday September 21, which would result in three days off work for many employees.

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The occasion, however, is dependent on a moon sighting, so is subject to change.

If it were to fall on Friday September 22 though, we might still get the Thursday off work. In recent history in the UAE when this holiday has fallen on a weekend, the day before has still been given off, according to What’s On Dubai.

We’ll of course keep you updated when the official date is announced so, in the meantime, here are the rest of the public holidays you can expect over the rest of 2017…

Thursday November 30 – Commemoration Day

A holiday to honour the Emiratis who died while protecting the UAE.

Thursday November 30 (dependent on moon sighting) – Milad Un Nabi

This day marks the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and is announced by the moon-sighting committee, so may be subject to change. If it does fall on the same date as Commemoration Day, we might just get the one day off or we might get two – it’s really at the government’s discretion.

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Saturday December 2 – UAE National Day

This day will mark the 46th UAE National Day, celebrating the unification of the seven emirates and the founding of the country in 1971 – but if you normally have Saturdays off, it’s unlikely you’ll get a long weekend.

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