Loved Sheikha Mahra’s elegant makeup on her big day? Here’s how you can replicate it.

Her Highness Sheikha Mahra is renowned for her impeccable style and glam skills. For her wedding reception, the Dubai Royalty opted for a regal look fit for a princess.

Makeup breakdown in simple steps:

Her Highness Sheikha Mahra’s makeup was fresh, and matte and perfectly complemented her bridal attire.

Base: The foundation she opted for appeared like a second skin with a smooth finish. Topping it off with a concealer, highlighting all her poignant features. The contour on her face was soft yet enhanced the bone structure perfectly.

Eyes: To accentuate the dreamiest feature of her face on her wedding, HH Mahra’s eye makeup was strategically kept as the focal point. With smoked-out brown and black edges and a pearly shite shinning pigment on the centre of the lids — her eyeshadow was a combination of contrasting hues that offered a unique blend once the warm light cast its magic. Long full lashes and kohl-rimmed lash and water line punctuated her eye makeup.

Lips: Opting for a muted tone on the lips, Sheikha’s Mahra’s choice of colour for the event was a subtle shade of peach pink. It balanced her eye makeup and allowed all the elements to come together effortlessly.

Cheeks: For that blushing bridal glow, Her Highness amplified her cheekbones with a terracotta-hued blush and matching toned bronzer to complete the look.

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