IN PARTNERSHIP: Making its private event debut for the first time, Tanishq brings some of its rare and undiscovered jewels to Dubai.

Through an invite-only exhibition that happened between May 26-28 at Jumeirah at Mina A’Salam, Tanishq gathered unique jewellery connoisseurs under one roof to experience premium quality and elevated designs.

To make the evening even more distinctive, Tanishq displayed some of the rarest diamond jewellery and other precious gemstones – giving jewellery lovers in Dubai a front-row seat to this special experience.

Titled Ethereal Wonders, this exhibition includes a line of sublime diamonds and other rare stones that haven’t seen the light of day in over a decade. Heirloom pieces in optimum quality – this collection of jewellery is as timeless as it is modern and rare.

From a captivating 26-carat canary yellow diamond necklace to a rare colour-shifting 7.72 carat pear-shaped Alexandrite, every piece of jewellery speaks about the authenticity with which it has been crafted and presented under on roof.

For people who appreciate finer things in life, this jewellery exhibit will keep them engaged with the endless options it has to offer. From a stunning assortment of gemstones, and solitaires to coloured diamonds – there’s something for everyone.

“The growing demand for rare heirloom jewellery and the ever-increasing jewellery collector base that recognizes the value of owning and preserving a piece of history inspired us to conceptualize Ethereal Wonders. This is an exceptional opportunity for discerning jewellery buyers to marvel, up close, at these incredibly intricate pieces before making them a part of their family and legacy,” shared Aditya Singh, Head – Jewellery International Business, Titan Company Limited.

For decades, Tanishq has been India’s most-loved jewellery brand from the TATA Group. With its recent expansion in UAE, the jewellery brand aims at building a similar lineage based on superior craftsmanship, exclusive designs, inimitable customer service and guaranteed product quality.  

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Images: Supplied by Tanishq