Your guide to Ramadan 2019 shows

Ramadan is fast approaching, and with this Holy Month, comes some of the regions most highly anticipated TV series. The biggest names in the film and television industry will be popping on our TV screens all month long with shows coming in from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and the Gulf.

Every year countless number of shows are created for this specific month, and as much as we want to watch them all, we can never really find the time. Therefore, we have rounded up some of the shows to look forward to this season (not all have been announced) to help you pick the ones to watch.

Valentino – Adel Emam



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Egyptian legend Adel Emam will be joining the Ramadan show race for the eight-consecutive year. This Ramadan he will play the role of Noor Abdel-Majid, bringing his charismatic charm to this comedy about an the owner of an International School Group. As usual the show will be directed by his son Rami Imam and will star Dalal Abdelaziz, Dalia El Beheiry and Hamdy Al-Merghany.

Kalabsh 3 – Amir Karara

The action star is returning this Ramadan with the third instalment of his hit series Kalabsh. Fans will get to follow Amir’s character (Selim Al Ansari) as he fights for justice while trying to end corruption. If the previous two seasons are anything to go by, then fans are in for a rollercoaster that includes lots of action scenes. This season will also see the return of Hala Fakher and Rojena.

Hekayti – Yasmin Sabri

The Egyptian beauty is returning to the small screen will be returning this year in Hekayti, her first lead role in a television drama. She plays the role of Dalida, who is traumatised as a child as a result of witnessing her father’s death. The show is a romantic drama, with heartthrob Ahmed Hatem will star alongside Yasmin.

Mamlaket Eblees – Ghada Adel


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The show, which was previously titled ‘W Bena Meaad’ has been changed to Mamlaket Eblees (Kingdom of Satan). The series star line-up will be led by Ghada Adel, Rania Yousef, Karim Kassem and Ahmed Dawood to name a few.

Zelzal – Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan is back this Ramadan with a new series playing the role of both the father and son. The event of the series will take place in 1992, when a devastating earthquake struck Egypt. This show will mark the return of Hala Shiha, who is returning back to acting after a long hiatus of 12 years. Other actors involved in the project include Maged el-Masry, Ahmed Seyam, Nesrine Amin, and Yusuf Osman, among others.

Weld Al-Ghlaba – Ahmed El-Saka

The series tells the story of a poor man, who works two jobs due to his financial situation. In the morning he teaches at a government school and at night he is a taxi driver; however, events that unfold during the show push him towards drug dealing. Action star, Ahmed El-Saka will star alongside Engy Al-Moqaddem, Mohamed Mamdouh and Safaa Al Toukhy to name a few.

Hogan – Mohamed Emam


From the teaser that has been released, we can see that Mohamed plays the role of Hogan, someone who displays superhuman powers. It seems like the series will includes lots of action sequences and knowing Mohamed it will surely also included lots of laughs. The series will include actors Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz, Omar Mustafa Metwally, Abir Sabri and Mohamed Osama (Os Os).

The Writer – Basel Khayat

Syrian actor Basel Khayat, plays the role of a best-selling crime novelist who becomes the prime suspect when his real life begins to imitate the plot of his books. Appearing alongside him is Lebanese actress Daniella Rahme, the two starred together last Ramadan in hit-series Tango.

Khamsa W Nos – Nadine Naseb Njeim

The Lebanese series tells the unusual story of two lovers, in which a woman tries to tame her partner, who craves money and suffers from hatred and power struggles. Khamsa W Nos stars the beauty Nadine alongside Qusai Khauli and Motasem Al Nahar.

Al-Haeba 3 – Taim Hassan

The series is returning for its third season with a new female lead, Lebanese songstress Cyrine Abdel Nour. In the previous two seasons fans watched Jabal as he fell in love with Nadine Njeim and Nicole Saba in season one and two respectively. 

Super Mero – Amy Samir Ghanem

In this comedic show, we will watch as Amy portrays a super-heroine called Super Mero, who works as a journalist in a magazine. Star alongside her is her father is an all-star comedy cast including her father, comedic genius Samir Ghanem.

Badal al-Hadota Talata – Donia Samir Ghanem

The comedy actress is returning this Ramdan with a new series, where events revolve around a series of separate connected episodes, each of which takes on a new character. Starring alongside the Donia is her mother and father Dalal Abdelaziz and Samir Ghanem. Other actors staring in the series are Ahmed Rizk, Shaimaa Saif Mohamed Sallam and Sara Abdulrahman.

El-Wad Said El-Shahat – Ahmed Fahmy

The series revolves around the story of a poor man marrying a rich girl and how people marvel at this marriage. During the events, the young man is surprised by the amount of 6 million pounds that one of his family members put on them. Through the events, the man finds himself being chased for 6 million Egyptian pounds that were stolen and that he needs to get back. This series will mark the first time that Ahmed and his fiancé Hana Al-Zahed star opposite one another.

Zay El-Shams – Dina El-Sherbiny

The mystery show follows a lawyer, played by Dina, who’s brother is killed early on. As she looks for his murderer, fingers start to point to some of his closest friends. The series features a star-studded cast, including: Ahmed Salah Al-Saadany, Riham Abdul Ghafour, Ahmed Dawood, Sawsan Badr and young talent Ahmed Malek.

Hadota Mora – Ghada Abdel Razek

The series is a tragic drama, which tells the story of a women who is going through a family crisis, that threatens her future life. The show will be lead by Ghada who will be joined by the likes of Salma Abu Deif, Walaa Elshrif and Mohamed Shahin to name a few.

Qabil – Mohamed Mamdouh

The mystery show revolves around a murder and the police investigator who sets out in search of the culprit. The series will star Egypt’s young talents: Mohamed Mamdouh, Amina Khalil, Mohamed Farrag, Noha Abdin and Ali Al Tayeb.

El-Nasabin – Nelly Karim


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The queen of Egyptian drama is returning this Ramdan with a new series staring alongside heartthrob Asser Yassine. Not much has been revealed regarding the plot, but knowing Nelly, she will probably have us at the edge of our seats all month.

We will be updating this list the closer we get to Ramadan, as more shows would be announced by then.

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