While it’s rare to find sartorialists belonging to the ‘stealth wealth’ club in an otherwise logo-loving country like Dubai — Loro Piana, the quiet luxury embracing brand, is still a crowd favourite in the city.

Think classic silhouettes, impeccable tailoring, high-end quality in muted colours. This Italian brand is known for its pursuit of excellence when it comes to luxury.

On July 26th, Loro Piana proudly unveiled its reimagined flagship store within the illustrious Dubai Mall. This newly transformed establishment epitomizes the fusion of classical sophistication and modern design, creating an opulent shopping experience for discerning clientele.

Nestled in the heart of Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue, this revitalized boutique now sprawls across two spacious floors. Architects Jun Aoki and Yoshihiko Takeuchi have masterfully crafted a façade reminiscent of the graceful texture found in Loro Piana fabrics. The exterior boasts handmade terracotta ceramic tiles sourced from Tuscany, exhibiting a captivating transition of hues from top to bottom, echoing Loro Piana’s iconic kummel shade.

Inside, the store’s layout seamlessly guides visitors through distinct zones, starting with an accessory-centric entrance on the ground floor. Here, a central wall showcases exquisite leather goods collections, leading to dedicated sections for women’s and men’s ready-to-wear and footwear.

Ascend to the first floor, a sanctuary reserved exclusively for VIP clients, accessible via a discreet private entrance. Within, exclusive salons await, providing an intimate setting for exploring the latest collections, including the unique Dubai Mall Capsule Collection, all in an atmosphere of unparalleled comfort and privacy.

The reopening of Loro Piana’s flagship store in Dubai Mall signifies a new chapter in the House’s legacy, solidifying its status as a pioneer of superlative craftsmanship, elegance, and unmatched luxury in the Middle East.

Inside Loro Piana’s newly re-launched store:

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Images: Supplied by Loro Piana