The Jordanian Royal shot down criticism regarding her fashion choices

Queen Rania, ever the fashion icon, released a statement on January 2, addressing recent criticism of her wardrobe. The Jordanian Royal’s office shot down rumors concerning the prices of the pieces that she wears, after a fashion website released a blog regarding the cost of the royals closets.


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Over the past year, several foreign blogs posted estimates regarding the string of designer pieces sported by the Jordanian Royal on a daily basis. However, the statement issued by her office confirms that the majority of the Royal’s outfits have been either: gifted by fashion houses, borrowed, or purchased at reduced prices.

Last year, the blog Unidentified Fashion Objects “UFO No More” reported that the cost of Queen Rania’s wardrobe amounted to more than AED 111,7552, based on what she wore through out the year. In a list that included 11 royals, Queen Rania ranked first, ahead of Kate Middleton.

The Queen’s office addressed the blog’s estimates saying, “The ‘UFO No More’ estimates of Her Majesty’s spending on clothing were circulated. In view of their assessments that is far from reality and truth, we have asked their sponsors not to include Her Majesty in the annual reports of their blog.”

The office added, “Some may deplore the fact that a person of Her Majesty’s status accepts the principle of ‘borrowing,’ but we do not advertise or promote fashion on any of Her Majesty’s pages on social networking platforms, unless the designs are Jordanian.”

The statement, which was issued on the Queen’s Facebook page is quite rare; however, it was necessary, as the discussion of the Jordanian Royal’s wardrobe takes away from the important work that she does in various other fields.

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