Over the weekend both Paris and Beirut became victims of horrendous attacks of terror. Many heads of state rallied to show their concern and support, among them was Queen Rania Al-Abdullah who took to social media to make a powerful comment.


Queen Rania Al-Abdullah is an ardent campaigner, renowned for speaking up about pressing issues, including topics some might consider taboo. From raising awareness on the importance to protect refugee children to receiving the Walther Rathenau prize in Berlin for being an advocate for peace and understanding between east and west, Queen Rania is vocal when it comes to people’s rights.

Queen Rania Speaks Out After Paris and Beirut Attacks

Queen Rania Speaks Out After Paris and Beirut Attacks

As such when news broke over the weekend of terrorist attacks in Beirut and in Paris, the Jordanian monarch took to Twitter, where she has a vast following of 4.27 million followers to make powerful comments.

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Her first tweet, posted when the news broke of the five attacks across the city of Paris, read: “Horrified by the outrageous atrocity in the #ParisAttacks. Terrorism claims more victims. #ThisIsNotIslam

Queen Rania Speaks Out After Paris and Beirut Attacks

Calling for nations to unite amid the tragedy, the queen later twitter: “From Beirut to Paris, terrorism knows no borders & no religion. Humanity must unite against enemies of humanity #ParisAttacks #ThisIsNotIslam

Only recently the mother of four spoke out about extremists during the Women in the World summit in London, where she addressed the threats imposed by those who call themselves Islamic State.

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“This is a war between moderates of all religions against the extremists,” she said. “They want to put the west against Islam, Islam against the rest of the world.

“They do so through a sophisticated use of social media – but unlike governments, they aren’t constrained by fact or truth or decency.

Queen Ranias Ramadan Diary

Queen Rania is an ardent campaigner, promoting rights for all

“They are very savvy at using social media and exploiting vulnerability. They know how to jump in, they know how to feed people false hope, give people the illusion of hope. We need to counter with real hope, especially when we are dealing with refugees.”

“Their message is regressive and medieval, but – it’s an oxymoron – their approach is very on trend and up to date… We can’t let them be the owners of our story and reclaim our religion and speak for ourselves and not let anyone else speak for us.”

Through her remarks and use of hashtags Queen Rania puts out the message that terror has no religion.

jean jullien paris

French illustrator Jean Jullien creates a symbol for peace after the attacks