Queen Rania voiced out her sentiments on a Facebook post below and shared it with her 6 million followers.
With March 15 marking five years of the Syrian Civil War, the hardworking and compassionate royal, whose dedication to promoting peace in the region, shared a message to end violence.

It has now been five years since the war broke out in Syria and Queen Rania used the anniversary as an opportunity to speak out about the awful struggle faced by Syrians, describing it as the worst humanitarian crisis of our time, with children aged five and under having to experience death, carnage, displacement, and poverty.

Queen Rania

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah took part today in the first regional conference on refugee children in the MENA region held in Sharjah, UAE on October 2014.

Queen Rania voiced out her sentiments on a Facebook post below, sharing her thoughts her 6 million followers.

“Now in its sixth terrible year, the Syrian conflict continues to wreak havoc on its people, its country and our region.

More than half of Syria’s population has been displaced; 2.4 million Syrian children have been forced to flee their homes to neighbouring countries. The 3.7 million Syrian children born since the conflict began have known nothing but a lifetime of loss, violence and trauma. They don’t know where ‘home’ is. Many have suffered lasting and irreparable damage to their bodies and minds.

On this heartbreaking anniversary, let’s pause to think about those whose lives have been uprooted and forever changed. And let us all dig deeper to find ways to support the children of this conflict – with healthcare to help them heal and with education to give them the hope for a better future.”

Watch this video produced by the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) of a resilient young Syrian girl, who has lost so much in the war but is still determined to achieve her aspirations.

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Images: Courtesy of  Queen Rania