Plus, five other times Instagram lit up with their pictures. 

Friday marked Jordan’s 72nd Independence Day, and HM Queen Rania took to Instagram to share an image of her with her son, Crown Prince Hussein. It appears to show them en route to attend the day’s ceremonial duties.

The Crown Prince can be seen wearing the shemagh mhadab traditional headgear, while the Queen was at her usual glamorous best in a two-tone silk dress.

We know exactly how you can copy Queen Rania’s Ramadan style
Can we talk about Crown Prince Hussein’s wardrobe for a moment? 

The Queen is known to regularly share images of her and her family members on Instagram. Here are some of the best moments with her Crown Prince son.

When you’re the ruling family of a country, you don’t fly first class – you fly private. Here, a picture of the two 33,000 feet up in the sky. (PS: Any guesses as to the identity of the person photobombing that picture?)

Shortly after the Crown Prince’s return from Sandhurst last year, he quickly settled down into his official duties along with his mother.

This was taken at the welcoming ceremony of Australia’s Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove and his wife Lady Lynn Cosgrove at the Al Husseiniya Palace.

There’s immense pride written all over Queen Rania’s face in this image of her embracing the Crown Prince at his graduation ceremony at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst last year. Queen Rania has shared graduation images of her other children as well, like this recent Instagram post of her daughter Princess Salma’s graduation.

Mind you, the Crown Prince might not have as many as his mother’s 4.5 million Instagram followers, though he does have a sizeable 1.4 million followers of his own as well.

Apart from posting another image of him with his mother at the Independence Day celebrations over the weekend, a quick glance through his Instagram profile throws up several more images of them together.

Here’s an image on the Crown Prince’s Instagram page of him with this mother at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier his year. It was where Queen Rania made an impassioned plea to further the cause of education in her region.

And we’ll leave you with this image of a private moment where the Crown Prince took to Instagram to wish his mother on her birthday last year.

The image captures a moment, most likely in their home, away from the glare of press cameras and bright spotlights that the two navigate effortlessly better than almost everyone else we know.

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Images: Instagram