It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity

The Queen Rania Foundation, first launched in 2013 by the Jordanian royal has just announced an incredible new competition.

The royal foundation is offering $200,000 (AED 734,000/ JOD 144,900) to three lucky start-up companies that champion education in the Arab world.


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The foundation supports education and development throughout Jordan and the wider Arab region, and its most recent initiative will focus on supporting Arab educational business practices. The competition is open to all businesses at all levels of education, from kindergarten to learning skills for the workplace.

The royal has been vocal about her passion for education in the past. Speaking to The Jordan Times about the competition Queen Rania said:

“The Queen Rania Foundation supports quality education that is fit for the region’s ambitions, but we know we cannot do this alone. Many of the learning challenges we face require the energy and innovative thinking of entrepreneurs in order to prepare our students for a world that is increasingly shaped by smart technologies, and address the learning losses refugees are facing. I hope this competition can help identify and encourage the kind of innovative approaches we desperately need today.”

The CEO of the Queen Rania Foundation Bassem Saad also told the paper: “The honest truth is that the Arab world is lagging behind other regions in making good use of socially-minded entrepreneurship – that is, entrepreneurship that delivers social outcomes as well as a self-sustaining business model.”

The competition hopes to promote and support Arab learning throughout the region.

The application process is open from September 10 2018 to November 10 2018. Hopeful applicants can apply through this link:

Good luck to everyone taking part!

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