QASIMI, helmed by Sheikha Al Hoor of Sharjah, has responded to the urgent humanitarian crisis in Sudan by launching a charity initiative to support UNICEF’s vital efforts on the ground.

The initiative aims to provide critical aid and resources to affected children and families, showcasing QASIMI’s commitment to helping those impacted by conflict. Amidst the challenges, the initiative seeks to bring hope and make a positive impact in Sudan.


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The ongoing Sudan War has brought immense suffering, particularly affecting vulnerable children through displacement, food scarcity, and medical emergencies. Recognizing the urgency, QASIMI is leading an initiative to shine a light of hope amidst adversity.

The QASIMI Charity Initiative has several goals:

  1. Raise awareness about the Sudan crisis and UNICEF’s crucial role in supporting families and children.
  2. Donate all proceeds from the sale of HOAG T-SHIRT through the QASIMI website to the cause.
  3. Bridge fashion and philanthropy, providing supporters with a meaningful way to contribute.

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Images: Supplied by QASIMI