pharrell williams

Having already consulted for big name brands including Adidas and Uniqlo, Happy hit maker Pharrell Williams is now setting his sights on a more eco-conscious approach to fashion, collaborating on an environmentally friendly collection with famous Dutch clothing brand G-Star Raw.

The label, which is renowned for its hip hop-inspired denim designs, tapped the musician to help manage a capsule project entitled G-Star Raw For The Oceans using only bionic yarn, a fabric-making company for which Pharrell acts as creative director. The revolutionary fabric, which is created from fibres using discarded plastic bottles found on beaches and in the oceans, will be used to make jeans, T-shirts and jackets (but luckily no oversized hats) for both men and women, featuring the Otto the Octopus logo he designed. “Working with G-Star was an obvious choice, because they have a legacy of pushing the boundaries of fashion and denim forward,” said Williams. “Bionic yarn is a company built around performance, and denim is the perfect category to show the world what bionic yarn can do. Everyone has jeans in their closet,” he noted.

pharrell G-Star Raw

Sample of Pharrell’s collaboration with G-Star Raw

Using an estimated 10 tonnes of plastic waste to create this collection alone, the range will help promote sustainable oceanic development and limit unnecessary pollution. Previously showing support for organisations such as Sea Shepard, Conservation Society USA and Plastic Pollution Coalition, G-Star Raw have always strived to add a philanthropic element to their fashion designs. “G-Star has always been driven by innovation, and by integrating Bionic Yarn into our collection we’re taking the next step in creating denim for the future,” said G-Star RAW chief marketing officer Thecla Schaeffer.

First announced in February during a Save The Oceans press conference at the American Museum of Natural History the line will be available online from August 10 and in stores starting October.