You could face up to a year in jail for attempting the viral dance craze in Egypt…

Middle Eastern countries are continuing to crack down on the Kiki dance challenge, with more arrests reported in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The viral dance craze, which is inspired by the Drake song In My Feelings, sees participants jumping out of moving cars and dancing alongside the still-moving vehicle.

Egypt’s Interior Ministry said anyone who obstructed traffic while doing the dance would face fines of up to EGP3,000 (Dhs600) and a year in prison, Ahram Online reported.

On Sunday, the ministry said Cairo Police had arrested a university student for attempting the challenge while driving.

“A video clip spread across social media showing a private car driver exiting his vehicle while it was moving in the street, leaving the steering wheel, closing the door and dancing beside it,” the ministry said, according to the Egypt Independent.

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The student was released after paying a fine of EGP1,050.

A Saudi woman was also arrested over the weekend after she posted a video of herself performing the dance in the eastern city of Al Khobar.

The woman reportedly faces charges relating to violating traffic laws, sharia law, and wearing revealing clothes in public. If found guilty under the kingdom’s public decency laws, she could face up to three months in jail.

Authorities in the UAE have also warned that anyone who obstructs traffic by doing the dance will be hit with a Dhs2,000 fine, 23 black points on their licence, and have their car impounded for 60 days.

Three influencers in Abu Dhabi have already been arrested for taking part in the challenge, which “endangered their lives, offended public morals and violated the traffic law.”

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