Pantene have added a new branch to their Shine Strong campaign with the launch of a video that aims to stop the habit of over-apologising. The one-minute film features women in the office, socialising and at home in situations where they instinctively apologise for something even though they haven’t done anything wrong. Pantene hope that bringing this behaviour into the spotlight will encourage women to note their own worth, and limit the word “sorry” to instances when it is truly necessary.

Colleen Jay, President of P&G Global Hair Care & Colour anticipations that the video will have a positive effect on women’s self-esteem, saying: “Pantene is committed to helping women across the globe be strong and shine both inside and out. We are certain this evolution of the Shine Strong campaign will inspire action and change. We believe the message of the ‘Not Sorry’ video will resonate with women, encouraging them to be more aware of this diminishing behaviour and, in turn, prevent any bias they may be unconsciously creating.”

The movement is the second empowerment video from Pantene who had great success with their first story, titled “Labels.” Originating from the Philippines in December last year this video now has over 46 million hits on YouTube thanks to it’s powerful gender equality message created by noting that women are often labelled negatively for behaving similarly to men. Female CEO’s are often labelled bossy instead of simply being recognised as the boss, while working mothers are branded selfish rather than dedicated. The aim of this campaign was to point out that gender bias is still very much alive in today’s society.

In light of the positive response to their Shine Strong movement, the hair care brand have also created the Shine Strong Fund, a charity initiative which will donate resources for women’s education, training, wellness and needs across the world in the hope of creating equal opportunities in all aspects of life.