Owning Instagram one like at a time, Dubai-based rising star Saufeeya Goodson (aka @feeeeya) is proving that modest fashion is rapidly on the rise in the public eye. We shot the part-American, part-Moroccan blogger in her signature piece – a selection of sunglasses – and sat down with her to talk covered-up style, making it in the blogosphere and why the UAE will always be home.

Tell us about moving back to Dubai after living in America?

I missed Dubai while I was in the States – the culture, the lifestyle, the diversity, the people… it’s very modern over here and the creative industry is really growing. Plus it feels like home. North Carolina is more like countryside. My friend referred to me the other day as a third-culture kid because I’m American and Moroccan, but Dubai is my in-between and home to me. All of that has really informed my sense of style. When I was in the US I dressed in the Dubai way – very luxurious and OTT. People were like, ‘Yo, you need to dress down a bit!’

Saufeeya Goodson

Sunglasses Dhs1,690 MCM.

Where do you think your sense of style came from?

I definitely think my mum and grandma inspired me. My mum’s very well dressed. My sisters are sporty-chic, but I like skirts and flowy things. I used to be a tomboy, though. Being here with all the abayas you get accustomed to wearing things that are a bit longer. It has a sense of drama to it anyway.

Speaking of wearing longer things, tell us about your opinion on modest fashion?

I think [my style] appeals because modest fashion is growing, so to be able to see someone who observes the hijab or scarf or veil, but is still very fashionable and modern, is inspiring. Just your average young adult living her life who’s stylish but more on the modest side of things… I think that’s what makes me stand out the most. My goal is to remain championing modest fashion but keeping it modern.

Saufeeya Goodson

Sunglasses Dhs1,490 Salvatore Ferragamo.

What else do you think attracts people to your Instagram?

My theme. It’s a three-row theme; I think that’s why people come and stay. It’s hard to maintain but I love the aesthetic of it and keeping everything organised.

Sufeeya Goodson (aka @feeeeya)

Sunglasses Dhs2,590 Marni. Exclusively available at selected Grand Optics Stores and Marni Boutique.

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How did you grow your account? You’ve now got over 190k followers!

I started my blog, feeeeya.com, in April but Instagram has always been my main platform. People are on Instagram and SnapChat more than Facebook these days. It’s transformed the whole landscape. When I first started, my Instagram wasn’t so much about being popular, it was more like an archive. I started it two years ago and there was a turning point where it just grew out of nowhere.

Sufeeya Goodson (aka @feeeeya)

Sunglasses Dhs1,990 Chloé.

What is it about sunglasses that you love so much?

I only started getting into them relatively recently. I used to wear glasses so I never got the chance to experiment with sunglasses – now I’m all in and a sunglasses girl over and above anything else! I put them on and feel ready to go. It’s like when you wear that shade of lipstick that makes you feel confident; I put my sunglasses on and I’m like, yes, I’m ready to take on the world! Sometimes it’s the sunglasses that bring your whole outfit together – some people do it with a handbag or a fancy pair of shoes but, for me, it’s sunnies. In the Middle East they love a big pair of sunglasses. They like to explore as well; they go for things you wouldn’t expect. You see all sorts of things and styles in Dubai casually walking round the mall like it’s nothing!

Sufeeya Goodson (aka @feeeeya)

Sunglasses Dhs1,450 Etro.

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Sunglasses in featured image: Dhs690 G-Star Raw.

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Styling: Jade Sprowson

Photography: Pelle Lannefors