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Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be stuck inside a perfume cloud? Us neither, but we are definitely intrigued.


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At the end of this month, Louvre Abu Dhabi will welcome a fascinating Cartier installation titled USO: The Perfumed Cloud. The immersive set up is a room-sized glass box, inside there’s a spiral staircase that ascends into a mist infused with L’Envol by Cartier for men. It represents our relationship with fragrance, with each step a visitor gets lost in the cloud of perfume.

The installation is part of 10,000 Years of Luxury which opens on Wednesday, October 30, and was first show in 2017 at art fair outside the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. How is the fragrant mist stay suspended in the same place?


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The Perfumed Cloud is a contemporary way of experiencing fragrance, yet it goes to the deepest dimension because it is in line with gods,” Cartier’s head of heritage and style, Pierre Rainero, told The National. “The etymology of perfume is from the Latin ‘per fume, which means ‘through smoke’ – because during offerings to the gods, burning woods were used. So the image of going through the sky is going back to the roots and a link to an essential part of life.”

Now that’s a cloud we could happily get lost in.


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The exhibition runs until February 18 2020

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