IN PARTNERSHIP: Practical and expressive for your everyday look, Crocs have unveiled an all-new Translucent Collection – a see-through design that leaves nothing to the imagination.

As this classic clog takes on its translucent form, the nothing to hide, everything to bare style is set to evoke individualism as Crocs continue to embody the “come as you are” mentality throughout every collection launched.

Designed with the intention of creating a world where everyone is comfortable in their own shoes, this desirable Translucent Collection was destined to promote confidence in 2021.

The transparent shoe has become the latest staple of wardrobes across the world – ranging from celebrities, to adults, to teens – and was crafted in a time where positive body image and self-confidence reign supreme.

Available in three colourways, ‘Digital Aqua’, ‘Candy Pink’ and ‘White’, the water-friendly and buoyant shoes are lightweight in design, weighing just ounces. Enjoy continued flexibility and comfort courtesy of Crocs’ Croslite™ foam material which cushions with every step.

Make them your own by decorating with Jibbitz™, customizing with the newly released rainbow, pineapple, peach, daisy and strawberry charms.

The passage of time has not phased Crocs, as it continues to express its playful nature by challenging conventional fashion norms, going beyond pre-determined notions, it continues to transcend all ages and genders.

Coming soon is a leading range that leaves nothing to hide and everything to bare, each pair starts at Dhs199.

To purchase the new Translucent Collection, visit the Flagship store in Mall of the Emirates Dubai or any of the stores across the GCC, UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar which are open 10am to 10pm or shop online on

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